Why I write.

It’s moments like these that I’m reminded why I continue writing. This review not only blew me away, but also gave me evidence of the impact thatĀ I so desire to have on my readers. If you have a minute, go look at this review. It made my day, week, and month. A massive thank you…
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Featured Author.

I’m constantly amazed by the people I’m able to connect with through social media. Because of Twitter, I’ve found the sweetest group of female authors who constantly encourage me to press on with my writing and become better with every step. Yesterday, one of those dear women wrote a featured about three female authorsĀ on her…
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Too busy to breathe.

I’ve been working so hard to finish Ghost. It’s not there quite yet, but it’s definitely on its way! The third draft is almost finished, and once I get that done, my editor will get one final go at it. Once those corrections are made, it’s off to my AMAZING proofreader, Traci Craft. If you’re…
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I am an emotional being.

So let me begin this by saying, I am an emotional being. I always have been. I grew up under the impression that it was a bad thing when I cried, and that my life would be more difficult if I allowed others to see my emotions. When I cried, I would get HORRIBLE headaches…
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A Dysfunctional Life.

A Dysfunctional Life

Happy Saturday– I’m SO happy to announce that A Dysfunctional Life is finally available! Here are the links to the paperback and ebook versions. Paperback is only $5.99 & e-book is only $.99! Get your copy today: https://www.createspace.com/4975024 http://goo.gl/7w4Fl2