A little overwhelmed.

Today I received yet another donation to my RocketHub project. I’m at $1750 now! Whoa. I saw the number. I saw how many people had funded me. Then I thought about how many people are following my progress on Twitter and Facebook and this blog (and how many people are supporting and encouraging me).┬áNow I’m…
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Today I’m feeling overwhelmed by the support I have received from everyone for this new chapter in my life. My RocketHub reached it’s goal today! I still need to get to the $2300 mark to cover all the expenses, but to have $1500 to invest in the novel is absolutely incredible. I cannot wait to…
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Fund my RocketHub project.

I’m currently raising funds to pay for a professional editor and cover design. My book is already completely written. I’m just going through peer editing right now so I can get it as perfect as I can before I send it off to a professional editor. Once I have the funds to send it off…
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So it begins.

I can’t believe I have a blog for my writing career! Holy cow it’s been an interesting journey to get here. I’m so excited to go on this adventure. Thank you for joining me. I hope you’ll follow my progress as I get closer and closer to publishing my first of many books! Kari