I am an emotional being.

So let me begin this by saying, I am an emotional being. I always have been. I grew up under the impression that it was a bad thing when I cried, and that my life would be more difficult if I allowed others to see my emotions. When I cried, I would get HORRIBLE headaches…
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A Dysfunctional Life.

Happy Saturday– I’m SO happy to announce that A Dysfunctional Life is finally available! Here are the links to the paperback and ebook versions. Paperback is only $5.99 & e-book is only $.99! Get your copy today: https://www.createspace.com/4975024 http://goo.gl/7w4Fl2  

Coming soon! A Dysfunctional Life.

I’m so excited to announce that A Dysfunctional Life will be out on March 15th! The eight short stories will be available from Amazon for Kindle and paperback. Here’s a peek at the cover. Can’t wait for everyone to read them! Kari