Today is a beautiful day. And I’m in a state of euphoric bliss.

It’s always a magnificent moment when you realize that something you’ve been working on for months or years is finally coming together.

I just found the proofreader for my first novel (and hopefully for all the novels I ever write). She is a proofreading goddess. And I’m so blessed to have found her. I discovered her on Twitter and began a conversation. She edited the first six pages of Rogue, and as I was reading through the changes she had made, I realized that I’m almost to the finish line.

I want everyone to know how wonderful this woman is! So go check out her blog (here). Go like her Facebook page (here). And go follow her on Twitter (here).

She. Is. The. Best.

That’s all the gushing I can abide for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

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