Today, I’m grateful for a few friends who have been encouraging me and supporting me along my writing journey. I want to offer up a little thanks on this blog to the people who are keeping me moving on this journey.

Melissa–my incredible editor and one of my closest friends in the whole world. She has pushed me and stretched me and made me think about the words that I put down on paper more than anyone else. She’s brutal–she has absolutely no qualms tearing apart my work to make it 100% better. And I love her for it. I’m looking forward to many more pages of her notes in years to come.

Alexia–the incredible friend I met through Twitter that has encouraged me more than I could possibly imagine.  She is another author and has been Tweeting my book like crazy,and sending me daily reminders that I can, in fact, do this! She recently wrote this post on her blog, and it brings me so much joy to know she believes in me!

Hayley–another author with a fabulous blog about the journey of writing a book as an indie author. She interviewed me on her blog here and has continued to help me realize that it is possible to make it to the end of this journey.

So thank you, my sweet friends, for standing by me on this journey. Your encouragement and excitement for my books keep my battery charged. I just wanted to make sure you knew how grateful I really am to you.


One thought on “Friends.

  1. Kari, you are so precious to think of mentioning me in your blog. I am glad I could be a part of your support team. God does work to meet our every need-including encouragement; and we all need it to get through our careers as writers. I am so grateful to be counted among your net-friends. Hopefully one day soon, God will make a way for us to actually meet in person. That would definitely be the highlight of my year. Just know that YOU are an AUTHOR and I, too, count you as one of my closest friends, even though it is only through twitter-for now! Many blessings to you and Keep Writing! Alexia

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