Ghost – Available now

Book two of the Plagued Trilogy



It’s 1466, and Caterina Galli is visiting her cousins in Paris. But after an epidemic breaks out in the city, Caterina contracts the plague, and her life is set on an unplanned path where peril lurks around every corner.

Thomas has grown tired of the corruption and ever-present shadow that looms over his family—and his father has grown tired of Thomas’s constant questioning of authority. In a final effort to quell Thomas’s swelling resentment, Priest sends his fifth son halfway across the world to serve as a mercenary to Hernan Cortés. But what Thomas discovers during his time away will change everything he once thought he knew about immortality.

In a story that spans centuries, traverses continents and uncovers dark secrets, even the most dedicated of the Family could be destroyed.

Ghost is the gripping second installment in The Plagued Trilogy.


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