I am an emotional being.

So let me begin this by saying, I am an emotional being. I always have been. I grew up under the impression that it was a bad thing when I cried, and that my life would be more difficult if I allowed others to see my emotions. When I cried, I would get HORRIBLE headaches…
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Coming soon! A Dysfunctional Life.

I’m so excited to announce that A Dysfunctional Life will be out on March 15th! The eight short stories will be available from Amazon for Kindle and paperback. Here’s a peek at the cover. Can’t wait for everyone to read them! Kari

Making Plans.

In light of my recent determination to turn¬†all my goals into mountains and begin my journey towards my next mountain, I decided to sit down and make a list of “mountains” that I want to reach. I currently have ideas for eleven books.¬†Eleven! That’s overwhelming at best. Paralyzing at worst. The Plagued Trilogy (including Rogue)…
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An Accidental Ode.

Last night before bed, I had the intention of either writing a short story or, at the very least, coming up with a few ideas for short stories. But as I sat and thought, nothing came to my head. All I could think about was the place where I was raised. I decided to write…
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