Ghost is now available!

I’m very excited to announce that Ghost is now available in digital and paperback versions! Woot! I hope everyone loves the second book in The Plagued Trilogy. I’m so proud of it–go order your copy today!

Ghost’s Cover Reveal.

Well…the final draft of Ghost is officially in the hands of my proofreader. And I think everyone knows what that means: It’s time for a cover reveal! Woot! Since this is the second book in The Plagued Trilogy, I’m obviously keeping it in the same vein as the cover of Rogue, but this time I…
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Interview on Alexia Stevens blog.

I am so grateful to have the support of friends, family, and fellow authors on this journey. One of my dear friends, Alexia Stevens, asked if she could interview me for her blog (and of course I jumped at the opportunity). This is my favorite interview to date, and I’m so excited to share it…
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Making Plans.

In light of my recent determination to turn all my goals into mountains and begin my journey towards my next mountain, I decided to sit down and make a list of “mountains” that I want to reach. I currently have ideas for eleven books. Eleven! That’s overwhelming at best. Paralyzing at worst. The Plagued Trilogy (including Rogue)…
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The Hardest Part.

So, who knew that designing a cover would be the hardest part of this whole undertaking? I sure didn’t. Writing a four hundred page novel? No problem. Designing one cover? Oh boy. I have a (fairly extensive) background in photography and graphic design, but I was in NO way prepared for the headaches that come…
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