The Hardest Part.

So, who knew that designing a cover would be the hardest part of this whole undertaking? I sure didn’t. Writing a four hundred page novel? No problem. Designing one cover? Oh boy. I have a (fairly extensive) background in photography and graphic design, but I was in NO way prepared for the headaches that come with designing a cover. At first my questions were like these:

Should I use photography on the front cover? What should the theme be across the span of the series? What fonts should I use for the title, name, chapters, etc.?

I’ve been through twenty-two covers so far…and I’m still not quite there.  So now I’m asking myself questions like these:

Will it ever happen? Will I ever get a cover that everyone can agree is good on the technical side AND the eye-catching side?

So someone…ANYONE…answer me.

Will it ever come together? This is definitely the hardest part.

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